How to create your own colors to make your color palette appear cohesive

Daftar Isi Konten [Tampil]
It is important that you look at how to create your own colors to make your color palette appear cohesive. The initial colors are the three main colors red blue and all other yellow. colors can be made this blending in different ways be aware that blending all three together makes a cloudy brown, Secondary colors purple green and orange are made by mixing primary colors red and blue making purple blue and yellow making green and yellow making tertiary orange Color is made by Mixing primary colors with secondary colors namely red orange red purple blue purple blue green and yellow orange red blue green yellow and saturated orange refers to the intensity or purity of a hue High saturation means the color is really Light and desaturation means the color looks faded to gray The value refers to the degree of lightness or darkness in the color that this rating scale shows you

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